Whiplash Treatment Options

One of the most common accident injuries that can occur in an auto accident is commonly referred to as whiplash. Whiplash can occur when the head is thrust violently backward and forward or side-to-side on the neck and shoulders. This can happen frequently when vehicles that weigh thousands of pounds collide. It can even occur from the almost instant inflation of airbags. Whiplash pain can range from the annoying to severe and chronic. If untreated, it can negatively impact the sufferer for years.


While some treatment programs may turn to prescription drugs or invasive surgery, our chiropractor at Fayetteville Accident & Injury Center offers a variety of auto accident treatment programs that address whiplash injuries that are natural, holistic, and non-invasive. Here are some examples of how our chiropractic treatments can help manage pain immediately and assist in the long-term healing of whiplash.

Immediate Treatment of Whiplash Pain

It is common for the immediate treatment of an apparent whiplash injury to involve using ice or cold packs. This can minimize immediate swelling and provide some initial pain relief. Once swelling is reduced, chiropractic treatments can begin the process of long-term relief and healing.

Massage as a Whiplash Treatment

Often, a soft or mild massage is used to help increase blood flow to the neck and shoulder area and to begin promoting healing. These massages will often be prescribed based on the severity of the injuries.

Chiropractic Adjustments

The centerpiece of whiplash and neck and back pain treatments frequently includes chiropractic adjustments and manipulation in the neck and cervical collar area. This can improve circulation, realign nerves and soft tissue, and promote healing.

Continued Care for Long-Term Health

Other treatments for whiplash could include electrical stimulation in the area, long-term chiropractic treatments, and massage. This can help maintain the position of bones and muscles in the neck, shoulder, and back areas to preserve progress and maintain health.

Why Chiropractic Care Is Effective for Whiplash Injuries

If you have a whiplash injury from a car accident or other cause, we invite you to learn more about Fayetteville Accident & Injury Center. We treat injuries like whiplash at its core. Our natural treatments are effective and long-lasting because they assist the neck, shoulders, back, and spine in healing themselves. If you are searching for a chiropractor in Fayetteville, NC, contact us for an initial exam and consultation. We will suggest a treatment plan for your specific injuries.

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