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Can Chiropractic Help with Headaches?

Can your headaches be helped through spinal manipulation? The answer is a resounding yes! Chiropractic treatment assists with headache pain in two ways. The first is that it removes pressure Read More

How Can Chiropractic Help Whiplash after a Car Accident?

Did you know that over half of all whiplash injuries occur when there’s little to no visible damage to a vehicle after an accident? Even a very minor accident can Read More

Can Chiropractic Help Neck Pain?

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck PainNeck pain is a common ailment in modern society. It can be caused by lots of different things, from whiplash injuries due to an auto accident Read More

Does Fish Oil Cause Prostate Cancer? Ask your chiropractor...or read on.

Omega-3 fatty acids have been touted for the past few years as a new wonder drug.  Through repeated studies, they have shown to be beneficial to brain health, cardiovascular health, Read More

Is Your Chiropractor a Whiplash Expert?

I wanted to take a few moments to talk about the Spine Research Institute of San Diego (SRISD) today and the significance of this entity.  It offers education beyond medical and Read More

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a common term used to describe several different kinds of injuries to the spine and neck.  Whiplash occurs when you’re in a situation that makes your head and Read More

Why Should I Try Chiropractic After a Car Wreck?

5 Reasons You Should Try Chiropractic Care after an AccidentChiropractic care should be an option that you consider after you’ve been in a car accident. Chiropractic doctors can diagnose and Read More

Visit our Fayetteville Auto Injury Specialist

Visit Our Fayetteville Auto Injury SpecialistAfter an auto accident, it is natural to feel shaken up. To make sure there is nothing wrong, and alleviate your stress and physical pain, Read More

Steps To Take Following a Car Accident in Fayetteville

Steps To Take Following a Car Accident in FayettevilleCar accidents happen every day. If you've been involved in an auto accident, it's important to take care of yourself-- financially, emotionally, Read More

Pain Management with Our Fayetteville Chiropractor

Pain Management with Our Fayetteville ChiropractorAt the Fayetteville Accident & Injury Center, we provide pain management services and we also perform auto accident treatment in Fayetteville. If you feel chronic Read More

What are 5 Myths about Chiropractic Care

5 Myths about Chiropractic CareWe believe that chiropractic is suitable for everyone, but there are several pervasive myths about chiropractic care that keep people from experiencing what it can do. Read More

What is Scar Tissue and What Does it Have to do With Whiplash?

How does the body fix whiplash-related injuries?Auto accidents happen very fast - typically the impact lasts less than a second - and you can suffer a multitude of injuries.  Most Read More

What Happens After my Car Accident?

What Happens After my Car Accident?After a car accident, there are a hundred questions that can race through your mind. How will the car get repaired?  Who do I need Read More

What is the difference in mindset between Medical Doctors and Chiropractic Physicians?

Core Theories behind Chiropractic MedicineAnyone who has experienced a proper adjustment knows how good it can make you feel afterward. There is a sense of wholeness; that everything is put Read More

When Should I See A Chiropractor?

When Should I See A Chiropractor?People see chiropractors for many different reasons. If the problem can be assisted through having the nervous system in optimum order, then chiropractic can assist Read More

Viewing 16 - 30 out of 44 posts


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